Our services

Preventive Medicine, Medical Concerns & Emergency Care

We offer a wide range of services including medical, diagnostic, surgical, and preventive health care needs for your pet.

Medical Services

We offer a wide variety of diagnostics and therapies for medical ailments including both in house and laboratory diagnostics. We treat a variety of orthopedic, ophthalmologic, dermatologic, neurologic, cardiology as well as many other concerns.

Surgical Services

We offer many different types of surgeries including elective surgeries such as spays and neuters, as well as emergency surgeries, preventative surgeries and soft tissue surgeries. We only offer a limited amount of orthopedic surgeries. Please call the clinic with any inquiries.

Emergency Care

We are a full service hospital but are not a 24 hour care facility. We take regular scheduled appointments but are also equipped and experienced to handle emergencies as needed.

Technologist Services

Our technologists are well trained at performing services including nail trims, anal gland expressions, collecting blood samples, performing nutritional and dental consultations and answering your questions and concerns. They are a great asset to our team.

Dental Services

We provide thorough dental cleanings with full health and oral examinations, full mouth radiographs and extractions as needed. Our patients are monitored by a registered veterinary technologist during the entire procedure with state of the the art monitoring equipment. This includes ECG, blood pressure monitoring, capnograph, temperature, pulse oximetry and vitals monitoring. We offer complimentary dental consultations with one of our Registered Veterinary Technologist if you would like an accurate dental assessment and estimate for your pet.


All of our staff is well versed with medical conditions requiring specialized nutrition. We carry a variety of brands and types of food in clinic and offer the convenience of an online store for shopping at delivery to your home. The veterinarian will offer a variety of recommendations to suit your pets needs should you have any questions or your pet have any medical concerns.

Wellness exams and Preventative care

We are happy to welcome new patients and healthy patients for preventative wellness care including routine health examinations, vaccinations, deworming and tick prevention. We offer routine diagnostic health screening including bloodwork, fecal testing, and urine analysis.

Euthanasia & Cremation

We are here to support you with your pet's end of life decisions, including quality of life discussions, euthanasia and cremation services. We provide a quiet, supportive, low stress environment for you and your pet to be together in their last moments. We offer a variety of keepsake options available.

Diagnostic Services

Our hospital contains state of the art diagnostic equipment including full body as well as intra-oral radiographs, ultrasonography, electrocardiogram, in house laboratory for blood, urine and feces. We have access to an external lab to compliment further needed diagnostics including telemedicine referrals.

Veterinarian Services